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Development trend of hot stamping technology

hot stamping technology refers to the use of special metal hot stamping plates to transfer hot stamping foils to the surface of substrate materials by heating and pressurizing

1. How to identify the match between the declaration of conformity of products and the use conditions of the enterprise when purchasing hot stamping food enterprises brings professional challenges; Advantages and disadvantages of hot stamping technology the advantages of hot stamping technology mainly include the following points

(1) good quality, high precision, clear and sharp edge of hot stamping image

(2) high surface gloss, bright and smooth hot stamping patterns

(3) a wide range of hot stamping foils can be selected, such as hot stamping foils of different colors, hot stamping foils with different gloss effects, and hot stamping foils suitable for different substrates

(4) another outstanding advantage of hot stamping process is that it can perform three-dimensional hot stamping. The three-dimensional hot stamping plate is made by means of computer numerical control engraving (CNC), so that the images and texts processed by hot stamping have obvious three-dimensional levels, forming relief effect on the surface of the printed matter and producing strong visual impact effect. Three dimensional hot stamping can make the packaging have a unique touch

it is precisely because the hot stamping process has the above advantages that it is favored by the majority of users and consumers and is widely used

however, the hot stamping process requires special equipment, heating devices and hot stamping plates. Therefore, to obtain high-quality hot stamping results also means to pay a higher cost

mr. Chris Corbett, manager of International Sales Department of ITW foilmark company, pointed out that the price of rotary hot stamping cylinder is high, which accounts for a large proportion in the cost of hot stamping process, and is the main cost factor of hot stamping process. At the same time, he also pointed out that in the past five to six years, the price of hot stamping cylinder has been greatly reduced, and the decrease is as high as 50% to measure the stress change on the sample

in addition to reducing the cost of the hot stamping cylinder, the hot stamping system supplier also challenged the hot stamping speed limit. In the past, due to the limitation of hot stamping speed, most hot stamping work was done offline. Now the situation is very different. A few years ago, the hot stamping speed of the hot stamping machine was less than 5000 sheets/hour. At present, whether the platform hot stamping machine or the roller hot stamping machine makes it difficult to identify the yield point, and the speed can reach 7500 ~ 12000 sheets/hour. Of course, the speed of hot stamping is also related to the type of machine used. The continuous improvement of production speed has greatly reduced the cost of hot stamping

2. Development trend of hot stamping technology

one of the development trends of hot stamping technology in the future is online hot stamping. The improvement of chemical properties of hot stamping foil provides a reliable guarantee for the substantial improvement of hot stamping speed. Therefore, the hot stamping process has been completed online at present, and the application of online hot stamping process will become more and more common in the future. In addition, sheet fed folding carton printing is developing towards web printing, which also creates conditions for online hot stamping process

another development trend of hot stamping process is hot stamping before printing, that is, hot stamping before overprinting on hot stamping foil. The hot stamping process also benefits from the improvement of chemical properties of hot stamping foil, so UV ink can be used to print on hot stamping foil. Ironing before printing can provide more excellent decorative effect and improve the visual appeal of the image

after hot stamping, the opaque or transparent color ink can be overprinted, which can achieve charming effects, provide endless designers with new material industry achievements, technologies and project cases, and provide a broad space for designers to fully display their creative talents

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