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In July, the top ten new energy vehicles in the global sales list included six domestic vehicles. According to the data released by EV sales, the global electric vehicle market grew by 40% in July, with a total sales volume of 87788 vehicles. 1- we increased the proportion of recycled plastics in our own products. The cumulative sales volume in July was 545168 units, an increase of 43% compared with the same period last year; The global market share of electric vehicles exceeds 1%

it is worth mentioning that in the global new energy vehicle ranking list in July, there were 6 Chinese new energy vehicles on the list, of which 5 were pure electric vehicles. Although only one plug-in hybrid vehicle, song DM, reached the top 10 of the list, it won the single month sales champion in July

pure electric vehicles become the mainstream

in addition to the good performance of BYD song DM with 5069 vehicles, the fasteners may not be vertical when fixed, and its E5 also rose to the seventh place with 2946 vehicles. Therefore, relying on the strength of song DM after its listing and the rising breakthrough of E5, BYD became the champion of auto enterprise sales in July

however, from the top 10 of the model sales list, the only two plug-in hybrid vehicles, the BYD song DM and the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, rank first and second in the list, respectively, and are a certain distance away from Zhidou D2, which ranks third with the 10 point low cut-off frequency of the filter

it is worth mentioning that in the top 10 sales list in July, Chery EQ and JAC IEV series maintained positive growth, ranking sixth and eighth with 3264 and 2470 vehicles respectively. However, different from the above listed models, these are not two specific models, but two series models of Chery new energy and JAC

according to EV sales information, in the global market, pure electric vehicles are still the mainstream of the current new energy vehicle market, accounting for 64% of the market share. Compared with 2016, the proportion of pure electric vehicles has not changed

the Prius is still the "leader"

according to the EV sales information, although the Prius PHEV ranked second with 4989 vehicles in July, there was no significant change in the monthly cumulative sales and global sales. The Prius won the championship with 31856 vehicles

its measuring range is less than 5000nmm. When it operates, it transmits torque and torsion angle through angle sensor and torque sensor.

in fact, since the beginning of this year, the Prius plug-in hybrid has been in the leading position, surpassing Tesla and Nissan LEAF, which were in the ascendant last year. With the newly modified appearance and interior design, and Toyota's technical advantages in hybrid power, the new Prius has made remarkable achievements this year

BYD won the championship as a whole

from the sales volume in July, BYD won the championship for the fourth time in a row, with a total of 11217 vehicles sold, a record high. BMW and BAIC new energy ranked second and third

however, from the perspective of monthly cumulative sales, BYD ranked third; Tesla ranked first in the cumulative sales list with 51884 vehicles, followed by BMW, with monthly cumulative sales of 48796 vehicles. Besides BYD, BAIC bjev and Zhidou also ranked in the top 10 of the list, ranking fourth and ninth respectively. Compared with the sales ranking in the first half of the year, there was no change

according to the global sales list of new energy vehicles, more than half of the models come from Chinese automobile enterprises. In other words, in this new energy revolution, China's development is faster than that of other countries. Because the market environment and policies provided by China are favorable, which is also the reason to attract foreign-funded enterprises to develop new energy vehicles in China

with the attention paid by countries to environmental pollution and the demand for environmental protection, new energy vehicles will be vigorously promoted. It is reported that a large number of new energy vehicles/concept vehicles will be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show. Therefore, the development of new energy vehicles is also the consensus of mainstream countries in the world, except for the United States

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