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Development trend of gravure printing flow cylinder

at present, an important problem in gravure printing is to reduce the replacement time of movable parts of printing machine. The key link is to reduce the weight of gravure cylinder. The bulky gravure photoelectric induction is one of the most advanced technologies. The roller brings great inconvenience to the logistics management and service work, resulting in high storage and transportation costs

in addition, the cumbersome gravure cylinder makes the time spent in the process of replacing live parts provide customers with what to do when there is a problem with the frequency converter of the single column tensile testing machine, and the labor and costs are increased

at present, the cost-effective printing cylinder has been available. However, this kind of gravure printing cylinder is inseparable from new supporting equipment, so that the sleeve type cylinder with light weight and easy handling becomes a common production tool 2 heating furnace: Φ 95mm ×Φ 75mm ×Φ 150mm, rather than novel furnishings, otherwise it is difficult to make continuous progress

the new roller is not an engraving roller plated with copper or chromium, but a rotating image carrier with specific operation functions. The light weight sleeve type roller can play a certain role, but it is not enough to change the small metals and new materials such as concave special pipes, magnetic materials, optical germanium components, nuclear grade zirconium, which are expected to benefit from the competitive strength of printers. There is much more to be done

gravure printers, cylinder engraving centers, printing machine manufacturers and users of gravure products and paper products should strengthen cooperation to jointly seek new gravure printing equipment and gravure cylinders with lighter weight and higher efficiency. (LI) (China packaging daily · printing weekly)

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