China's crude oil processing volume in February is

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China's crude oil processing volume in February is expected to hit a record

in order to ensure the supply of refined oil products in drought stricken areas, Cui Xiaofeng, an engineer of BAIC Motor Corporation Limited, has a high refinery operating rate. China's crude oil processing volume in February is expected to reach a record in Ganfeng lithium's announcement

although the Chinese government has been slow to raise domestic gasoline and diesel prices in an effort to control the rising momentum of inflation, the operating rate of refineries is still at a high level

China National Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, the largest domestic oil refining enterprise with the largest production capacity, said in an internal communication on Monday that its subsidiary, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, plans to increase crude oil processing volume in February by 2.4% on the basis of January. The first piece of plastic sent ashore will become an important milestone, and the daily crude oil processing volume of Sinopec has reached a record high; Diesel inventory increased by 93% over the second half of last year, hitting a record high. Sinopec said that the operating rate of its refinery reached 100% in January, with a year-on-year increase of 7.2% and a month on month increase of 3.7%

China National Petroleum Corporation, the second largest oil refining enterprise in China, plans to process 37.5 million tons of crude oil in the first quarter of this year, equivalent to 3.05 million barrels of crude oil per day. The company said last week that the crude oil processing target in the first quarter was slightly higher than the target of 3million barrels per day in December last year and January this year

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