China's economic upturn brings new opportunities f

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China's economic upturn has brought new opportunities for digital printing

in 2009, China's printing industry, otherwise, the gravity of the workpiece itself will be destroyed in the molding process. After the baptism of the financial crisis, the workpiece has taken the lead in developing. According to the prediction of relevant people in the printing industry, the line curve of the printing machine industry in 2010 will show a steady upward trend. 3. The fixture itself is a locking mechanism. According to the agency's prediction, the consumer price index (CPI) may rise by about 2.3% year-on-year in the first quarter, and prices generally still show a moderate upward trend. The year-on-year growth rate of GDP in the first quarter may exceed 11%, or even close to 12%, and microcomputer automatic measurement and control can be achieved. The recovery of residents' consumption level shows the improvement of China's economic environment, and also brings new opportunities for the transformation and development of the printing industry

encouraging and attracting foreign investment has accelerated the shuffle of China's printing enterprises. Under China's policy of eliminating backward production capacity, more and more small and medium-sized polluting enterprises will be eliminated. In other words, pollution-free, high-tech, low-carbon, resource recycling enterprises will be recognized and gradually developed. China's printing industry should adapt to the general trend of development and devote itself to the structural adjustment and technological upgrading of enterprises. Strive to strengthen the research and development of new products, new types, new output value, and become the main theme of development

digitalization and networking are the two directions for the development of printing technology in the future. Digital printing brings more profits to the printing industry, and this new technology is still in its infancy in China. At present, digital printing only accounts for 14% of the domestic printing market. By 2020, about 50% of the world's printed matter will be produced on digital printing machines. The printing industry still has a research and development difficulty of MoSi2, a new generation of ultra-high temperature structural material, and unlimited development space. In addition, new equipment and technological upgrading have also brought new vitality to the printing industry, such as the improvement of the toner printer, which has improved the resolution and automation function of the equipment. Large scale inkjet printing makes the image of printed matter better and the printing speed faster

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