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Taking the railway as an example, the Addis Ababa Djibouti Railway (Ethiopia djibouti) has been put into operation, the Mombasa Nairobi Railway (Mombasa Nairobi, Kenya) is about to be opened to traffic, the construction of China Laos (China Laos) and other railways has been started, and a number of railway projects such as China Thailand (China Thailand) railway are also accelerating. Among them, the "going out" effect of high-speed rail is remarkable, and a number of high-speed rail projects such as Yawan (Jakarta Bandung, Indonesia) high-speed rail have become bright business cards for the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

as the "the Belt and Road" summit approaches, there are more and more topics about construction and economy, and high-speed rail has undoubtedly become a highlight project and business card project. In recent years, the high-speed railway has made remarkable achievements in going to sea. It has not only realized the pilot production line and the "going out" of Chinese standards and Chinese intelligent manufacturing, but also made an indispensable contribution to the development of local transportation, employment, society and economy, which has amazed the world and benefited the people of the world

in the old days, China was invaded by great powers, and the railway became an important means of transportation for foreign countries to plunder China's resources. At that time, the railway standards on the land of China were not unified, and the locomotive models were messy and different, which was known as the "world locomotive Expo". In just a few decades, China's railways have not only achieved leapfrog development with several large speed increases, but also achieved a magnificent turn from scratch, from the introduction of technology from foreign countries to the possession of completely independent intellectual property rights in the recent ten years

nowadays, the functional standards and construction standards of supporting tracks of Chinese standard EMUs are higher than those of European standards and Japanese standards, which have distinctive and comprehensive Chinese characteristics, and effectively enhance the strength of participating in the world competition environmental conditions: competition. The "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed railway has been laid, and the "eight vertical and eight horizontal" medium and long-term high-speed railway plan is vividly on the paper. Under the surge of capital flow and information flow driven by the flow of people and logistics in Jinan trial fund in 2014, it has promoted the sustained and steady development of China's economy, and created many world firsts such as the fastest operation speed, the longest mileage and the lowest ambient temperature, which once again proved the hard power of China's high-speed railway to the world

of course, the "going out" of China's high-speed rail is not plain sailing. During this period, China's high-speed rail was suppressed by rivals, and even maliciously discredited. At the same time, affected by foreign geographical environment, policy restrictions, inconsistent standards, political changes and other factors, it can be said that there are many twists and turns in investment bidding, and there are also problems such as high investment risks and slow cost recovery. However, through continuous practice and exploration, we are participating in overseas investment Rich experience has been accumulated in competition and management, which will certainly become a valuable asset for the development of generations in China and even the world, which will affect the future elimination method of adjusting the connection between oil pump and motor. At the same time, it will also effectively enhance China's international status and voice

the grand blueprint of the "the Belt and Road" reflects China's role as a developing country in the world. It is believed that a large number of China's equipment manufacturing industry, marked by China's high-speed rail, leading the world, will be able to benefit China's social development and the people of the world. Especially in the context of the continuous deepening of international cooperation, China is bound to stand tall in the east of the world with a more magnificent posture

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