China's economy grew by more than 7% in 2004

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China's economy grew by more than 7% in 2004

the growth rate will fall in the first quarter

a high-speed train cannot stop suddenly, and so is China's economy. Although it will not necessarily continue the soaring growth of 9.1% last year, it will still maintain a rapid growth rate of more than 7% of ordinary people every six months. Yesterday, lideshui, director of the National Bureau of statistics, expressed strong confidence in China's economy this year

"there is no need to 'slam the brakes' on macroeconomic policies." Li Deshui denied that "China's economy is generally overheating". He said that China's macroeconomic policy will remain continuous in 2004, and will continue to implement an active fiscal policy and a stable monetary policy. This will provide important support for China's economy to maintain high growth

according to transition, the broad money supply will continue to grow by about 18% this year, and the issuance of treasury bonds will remain the same as last year, reaching 110billion yuan. According to the analysis of authorities, the pulling effect of government bonds on loans is 1:4, which means that the financial system will release about 440billion yuan of loans to support the economy

Li Deshui predicted that "in 2004, China's economic growth will remain above 7%, without capping."

he analyzed that the huge improvement of the investment environment and infrastructure construction has provided China with the conditions to continue to maintain rapid development. "For example, the total mileage of highways reached 30000 kilometers by the end of last year? It ranks second in the world. Another example is the power construction, which was put into operation last year, nearly 30million kW, and will be put into operation this year. These can meet the needs of accelerating economic development." "Since the second half of last year, the global economy has shown signs of recovery, which is also conducive to China's economic growth." But Li Deshui said that he "does not expect the economic growth data this year to reach the high level of 9.1% as last year."

"the growth rate in the first quarter will fall back, but not too much." The reason is that affected by the further rise of international trade protectionism and the new export tax rebate policy, the export of enterprises will decline significantly. Li Deshui suggested that Chinese enterprises have been hit by exports to a certain extent by the increasing number of anti-dumping lawsuits overseas

Zhang Liqun, the Macroeconomic Research Department of the development research center of the State Council, predicts that China's GDP growth will still reach 8.5% next year

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