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Chinabrew Sidel will launch a new beer packaging production line

as one of the top suppliers of packaging equipment in the world, Sidel Group will participate in the 2008 China International Beer and beverage manufacturing technology and Equipment Exhibition (chinabeeverage2008) held in Beijing, China from October 20 to 23, 2008. At the 288 square meter booth (3405 in hall 3), Sidel will display the latest beer packaging solutions and introduce its new factory in Beijing

China's first PET beer packaging production line using ACTIS technology

in the beer industry, plastic packaging, as a new packaging form, is gradually emerging from the market. Plastic bottled beer has the advantages of light weight, not easy to break, can be re covered and stored after opening the cover, and is easier to hold. The shape of plastic bottles is changeable, which can present a complex packaging form that has found the right solution before starting. 4 Tensile test Tensile strength Maximum force and other pins provide more options. In addition, PET bottles can be completely recycled

in view of the market trend, Sidel has launched the revolutionary acti barrier coating process for injection molding and deep drawing molding of packaging products s bottle wall, making plastic bottled beer a reality. So far, Sidel's customers have produced more than 2billion bottles treated by ACTIS bottle wall barrier coating process in the world, which are widely used in the packaging of sensitive beverages such as beer, tea drinks, carbonated drinks and so on

in China, our ACTIS technology has been successfully applied to beer production with PET packaging. Zhongbi beer (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Far East Group, invested in establishing a large PET beer production plant in Suzhou and adopted the innovative ACTIS bottle wall coating technology of Sidel. Want to know more about China's first PET beer packaging production line? Welcome to the 3405 Sidel booth in hall 3 to consult relevant personnel

Sidel new factory in Beijing

on the Sidel booth, you can also learn about the latest developments of Sidel in China. Sidel Group invested 35million euros to build a new factory covering an area of 40000 square meters in Beijing, which was officially completed in May 2008. This is the first factory in the world that can produce a variety of equipment, and can produce and assemble all key equipment in the packaging production line, from bottle blowing machine, filling machine, labeling machine to palletizing machine. The new factory is located in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone

with the expansion of Sidel in China, our customers can now enjoy more equipment and services provided by Sidel at home. Shorter delivery time, faster response, elimination of tariffs and international transportation costs are some of the benefits that customers can enjoy

want to visit our new factory? Welcome to the Sidel booth to register. During the exhibition, we will be accompanied by a specially assigned person to visit the new factory

Sidel Group is one of the top suppliers of liquid food packaging equipment in the world. It has more than 5500 employees worldwide and is owned by Tetra Pak Laval group

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