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2002 Wenzhou International Pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical raw materials, medical equipment and health care equipment exhibition

2002 Wenzhou International Pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition

2002 Wenzhou International Medical equipment and health care equipment exhibition

exhibition time: December 9 - December 11, 2002

exhibition location: China Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Senior Consultant: money or going abroad to invest in production? Can part of the long process production be transferred out? Xinzhong

organizer: Zhejiang branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade

supporting unit:

State Drug Administration

Ministry of health under the general logistics of the people's Liberation Army

Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission

Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce

Jiangxi Zhangshu General Chamber of Commerce

Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine

Wuhan Guangyuan Institute of medical and health practical technology

Wenzhou City Science and Technology Information Research Institute

co organizer:

Fujian pharmaceutical industry company

Guangdong Pharmaceutical Industry Company

Chongqing pharmaceutical engineering company

Jiangxi pharmaceutical material supply and marketing company

Rui'an General Chamber of Commerce

Harbin General Chamber of Commerce

media support:

China health care

medical and health equipment

medical instruments and reagents

.Medical device information

Medical and health care appliances

network support: China Packaging

overseas general agent: Hong Kong Kanghua International Exhibition Company

organizer: Wenzhou Zhida Exhibition Co., Ltd.

invitation letter

after the world trade organization, the national economy continued to develop steadily and vigorously, making China's pharmaceutical machinery and medical and health care industries facing the world develop rapidly. The increasing prosperity of economy and the gradual improvement of people's requirements for quality of life urgently require the synchronous development of China's health industry. With the strengthening of GMP implementation, advanced equipment and technology have become the common demand of the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers and the medical and health field, prompting the pharmaceutical machinery, medicine, medical equipment and health care equipment industries to increase the investment in modern science and technology, so as to further meet the requirements of the healthy development of related industries and humans

Wenzhou, a famous city with diversified industries, has more than 1.6 million Wenzhou businessmen distributed all over the country, and more than 400000 Wenzhou Chinese businessmen are active all over the world, making Wenzhou a central city for commodity information at home and abroad. It also has abundant commercial resources, mature trade functions and a loose market environment, attracting many businessmen at home and abroad, and injecting stronger vitality into Wenzhou industry. The pharmaceutical machinery industry has also been booming, with its scale and output accounting for 60% of the national market. Pharmaceutical machinery has become another highlight of Wenzhou's economic development

2002 Wenzhou International Pharmaceutical machinery and raw materials exhibition, Wenzhou International Medical equipment and health care equipment exhibition will create a platform for exhibitors to exchange technology, trade products and display corporate image. The exhibition will be held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 9 to December 11, 2002, with an exhibition area of more than 10000 square meters. Focusing on the theme of "specialization, marketization and internationalization", according to the characteristics of the development of China's pharmaceutical machinery and related industries, facing the highly competitive international pharmaceutical market, the exhibition will explore, develop and innovate, and comprehensively display domestic and foreign pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical raw materials The latest achievements, products and concepts of the development of medical equipment, health care equipment and other related industries

the organizing committee carries out multi-level and wide-channel publicity and reporting through numerous multimedia, uses a variety of professional magazines, newspapers and stations, and sends special personnel to various places to organize buyer visiting groups. Thousands of buyers, professionals and experts from domestic and international related industries are valuable assets for exhibitors to explore domestic and foreign markets. Relevant manufacturers at home and abroad are welcome to participate in exhibitions, exchanges and advertisements. We will wait for your arrival with excellent services

instructions for exhibitors


1 Exhibition arrangement time: December 6-8, 2002 8: 30

2 Exhibition time: December 9-11, 2002 8: 30

3 Withdrawal time: December 12, 2002 8: 30

exhibition address: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, China

exhibition scope

1 Pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical raw materials and new drugs

2. Medical equipment, medical instruments

3. Health care equipment and supplies

4. Medical materials, medical packaging

exhibition fee

1 Standard booth 9m2 (including: 2.5m high wall plate, a negotiation table, two folding chairs, a lintel, a power socket, and two spotlights.)

domestic enterprises: rmb4800/piece (3m × 3M)

Foreign Enterprises: 800us $/piece (3m × 3m)

2. Starting rent of 27m2 of bare land (including security and cleaning services):

domestic enterprises: RMB450/m2

Foreign Enterprises: 75us $/m2

service items

A. free items

1 The catalogue of exhibitors is published in the Exhibition magazine

2. Make the badges of exhibitors in a unified way

3. The venue is clean and safe to avoid affecting the measurement results and ensuring the service

b. charging items

1 Organize new drug press conferences and other relevant information release activities

2. Advertisements in the exhibition catalogue

3. Rental of audio equipment and exhibition equipment

4. Communication and business activities in the exhibition hall

5. Advertisements inside and outside the venue

6. Hire staff on behalf

7. Transportation agency and on-site service

8. Special booth arrangement

9 at present Book hotels and handle return tickets

c. buyer organization and advertising

1 We will use all major media to publicize and send invitations to customers

2. Send special personnel to various places to organize buyer visiting groups

3. Give admission tickets to exhibitors and Wenzhou colleagues, and organize merchants to enter the site for transactions

4. Assist the exhibitors in delivering product samples by means of continuous business unit consolidation and edge business reduction of Haier

5. Make exhibition forecasts and special reports in domestic professional journals

6 Invite media to follow up and report

7. Organize all hospitals (schools), hospitals and relevant experts to visit

advertising of the conference

I. cover of the Conference Journal: ¥ 9000 yuan back cover: ¥ 8000 yuan

cover: ¥ 6800 yuan cover: ¥ 5800 yuan

insert: arrange in order of recognition, with P ¥ 3800 yuan on the front and P ¥ 3500 yuan on the back

II. Admission ticket

visit admission ticket advertisements 5000 in a group, each group of 5000 yuan (one side)

III. venue advertising

venue color spray advertising:

off site: ¥ 800 yuan/m2 (maximum specification 30m2)

on site: ¥ 600 yuan/m2 (the maximum specification is 6m2)

outside banner: balloon banner 10 meters/piece 800 yuan

wall hanging banner: 20 meters/piece ¥ 500 yuan

arch (rental price) entrance main gate ¥ 5800/piece (located according to the order of registration)

address of the Organizing Committee of the conference:

Wenzhou Zhida Exhibition Co., Ltd., 6th floor, Wenzhou Evening News Building, Xincheng Avenue, Wenzhou City

postal code: 325003



email: wzzdzl2002@

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