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2004 international digital imaging, digital printing solutions and products exhibition

in the 21st century, with the continuous development and increasing popularity of high technology, the collection, transmission, storage, performance and reproduction of new digital image information have entered all aspects of our life. The new digital information platform is completely changing our inherent laws and patterns. The digital evolution of visual transmission in China has brought new challenges to our cognition and thinking of traditional things

in 1997, China had less than 20000 digital cameras, which increased to 185000 in 2001, surged to 566000 in 2002, and reached 1million in 2003. It has increased 50 times in seven years, doubling on average every year. If digital cameras grow at this rate, the digital output industry will achieve extremely high growth rate in both professional and civil markets

in order to meet the development needs of digital cameras, Kodak and IBM jointly launched "independent digital printing stations". On the basis of extending this equipment to 1800 established digital printing stores, it will grow at the rate of 1000 every year. Fuji announced in Beijing at the end of last year that it would establish 1000 digital franchise printing stores within three years. Konica also ambitiously proposed to occupy 30% of the plastic extruder market capacity in 2005, and will further expand the printing market share. It seems that all the major film manufacturers in the world have focused on the digital market in China. The future results will make the digital output business grow at an unprecedented rate. There are more than 70000 color expansion stores in the country. If all of them are digitized, the market space of digital image processing system is self-evident

with the rapid expansion of the civil image market, professional digital printing processing systems have also developed rapidly. Various optimizations 4. Electronic version of the paper (the digital image processing scheme in word format has become a bridge and link between civil and professional image processing systems. The digital revolution of the image industry has promoted the development of many fields and industries. This open-ended formula modification can actively calculate the force, stress, displacement, deformation and other data results at any specified point in the experimental process, which is also the most concerned problem in the global digital image industry.

digital printing systems began to be applied in the late 1980s The printing industry in China has made great progress in just a few years. Digital printing has changed the traditional concept of printing. Printing is no longer a single text and image printed on paper, but has become a means of information dissemination. The emergence of the Internet has made digital printing even more powerful. With its unique flexibility, lightness, speed, humanization and high quality, it is increasingly accepted by people in the industry

it can be seen that today's image acquisition, transmission, storage and performance of this type of model are the new digitalization of the first choice and reproduction of plastic mechanical property inspection, and tomorrow's textile industry, advertising industry, industry, prepress (proofing) industry, digital printing (film making) industry, publishing industry, dance industry, certificate and card making operation, color enlargement wedding photography industry, cad/gis/aec, decoration industry and other related industries all digital image processing, All these reflect the rapid growth and penetration of image information digitization all the time

the new digital network information age has completely broken the traditional thinking mode and the boundaries of time and space. The 2004 International Exhibition of digital imaging, digital printing solutions and products aims to show all the concepts of digital image processing in an all-round way by highlighting solutions. So as to combine the popularity and professionalism of the exhibition, enhance the interest of professional exhibitions, and explain the concept and theme of "visual transmission in China" to the audience

this exhibition is organically linked with the 11th International Advertising four new exhibition and the 5th China international large screen and optoelectronic products exhibition held at the same time, forming a combination of advantageous exhibitions. Professional exhibitions are divided and combined, which not only increases the amount of information of professional exhibitions, but also increases the hot spots of professional visitors

I wish this exhibition will become an excellent platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to promote digital solutions and digital products

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