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In 2003, American paper mills increased equipment investment by 10%

the American Paper Association conducted a questionnaire survey on 260 paper mills. It was concluded that this year, the paper mills planned to spend $512.6 million on equipment investment, which was 10% higher than the actual investment of $467.3 million last year

plant construction will be the largest investment project. The paper and printing group spent $140.5 million, and the second investment is computers, including $71.6 million in software and $56 million in hardware, an increase of 50% over last year. The cost investment for the internal communication system will be reduced by 35.9% compared with last year, while the investment for the external communication system will be increased compared with last year. It is mainly composed of force sensors, servo drivers, microprocessors, computers and color inkjet printers, plus 68.7%

in terms of warehouse construction, the investment for paper reels and pallet handling equipment will be increased by 256.3% and 59.5% respectively. Image design instruments, including plate making equipment, will increase by 76.6%, especially business printing equipment, which will cause instability compared with last year

in addition, the energy and safety management equipment will increase by 46%, and the cost of waste paper management and treatment will increase by 53.6% compared with last year

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