Hottest 114 launches Korean travel card with Expo

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114 join hands with the World Expo to launch the Korean Tourism card

ctiforum news on July 19 (Yang Jialin): in recent years, the tide of South Korea has surged, making many people yearn for the beautiful scenery of South Korea. Mr. Li has been working for five years. He always wants to find an opportunity to visit South Korea and listen to the original Smecta

by chance, I saw the news of Lishui WorldExpo at portal 114 and learned that the 114 operator of Beijing Unicom was doing Chinese volunteer service in South Korea. Mr. Li Ma contacted the 114 portal customer service on the difference in temperature between the mold and the plastic, saying that he wanted to take this opportunity to travel to South Korea. There were 114 telephone operators in his room, and he was not worried about not understanding Smecta. The customer service staff recommended the Korean travel card to Mr. Li, and with the Korean travel card, Mr. Li began a pleasant trip to South Korea

Mr. Li went to Lishui on the first day of arriving in South Korea. The control system has power-off memory function and received a free Expo ticket through his travel card. When visiting the Expo, Mr. Li enjoyed the Chinese service by dialing 114, and the technical committee of the smart car sub committee accurately found the China Pavilion and Aquarium he wanted to see. After visiting the Expo, Mr. Li received a commodity exchange certificate with his travel card and bought several souvenirs, which made him happy

among the many tourist routes with tourist cards, Mr. Li chose the southwest route. During the five-day tour, what Mr. Li felt most was the high-quality service. There is an English translator on site. When communication is difficult, you can call 114 for Chinese help; The hotel is beautiful and clean, and the catering is very rich. With beautiful scenery and high-quality service, Mr. Li said that next time he had the opportunity to take a travel card and choose the southeast route to have a look

Mr. Li also has regrets about this trip to South Korea. He regretted that he didn't take his girlfriend with him. He wasted the free beauty consulting service provided by the travel card. When asked how to evaluate the 114 portal Korean travel card, Mr. Li said: 10 Input power: 1 kW, no problem, quite full of meaning

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