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Huishang Futures: fuel oil continues to rebound

on Thursday, fuel oil continues to rebound, and the short-term market may continue to rebound, but the current market is still in the short-term downward trend. 812 fuel oil opened at 4200, with the highest price of 4343 and the lowest price of 4191, closing at 4328, up 117 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day

(NYMEX) U.S. crude oil futures closed lower on Wednesday and the trading day was volatile. Data released by the government showed that demand decreased, refinery capacity utilization fell to a record low, and crude oil inventories fell less than expected. Silane coupling agents and titanate coupling agents are the two most widely used coupling agents. The settlement price of NYMEX November crude oil futures fell by US $0.88, or 0.83%, to US $105.73 per barrel, with a trading range between 104 50 dollars. The weekly inventory of the American Energy Information Association (EIA) showed that the U.S. crude oil supply decreased by 1.5 million barrels, with an estimated reduction of 2million barrels. The average daily crude oil import of the United States last week was 7.1 million barrels, nearly 1.4 million barrels less than that of the previous week. Gasoline inventories decreased by 5.9 million barrels for the ninth consecutive week, significantly more than the estimated reduction of 4million barrels This brought the US gasoline inventory to its lowest level since 1967. Distillate oil inventories, including diesel and heating oil, decreased by 4.2 million barrels, more than expected, but heating oil inventories increased by 300000 barrels. Refinery usage decreased by 10.7 percentage points to 66.7%, the lowest level on record, and lower than the 69.8% level of refinery usage after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The U.S. Department of energy said that therefore, the heating part needs to be checked frequently in production. Although the inventory is low, it will no longer consider requesting the International Energy Agency (IEA) to release emergency supplies

domestic fuel oil review, fuel oil continued to rebound today. International crude oil prices closed low last night, and the market continued to be above $100. In the near future, the market has some support in the $90 area. In the future, the market may meet the $80 area. The short-term dollar area is an important pressure level. From the perspective of 812 fuel oil, the market closed high today and continued to rebound, but the market continued to be in a downward trend. 38 wipe the unpainted surface clean and then wipe it with cotton yarn dipped in a little engine oil once again. The 00 o'clock area constitutes a certain support for the short-term market. At present, the market is still in a downward trend. I personally believe that as long as the price of fuel oil is below 4500 points, the long-term downward trend of the market will not be broken. Investors have a good opportunity to short every time the market rebounds. Due to the recent large decline, it is estimated that the current rebound market may continue for some time

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