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Huichuan Technology: improve robotics, new energy vehicles and other businesses in 2015

on December 5, Huichuan technology said in the record of investor relations activities disclosed on Thursday that the company hopes to suppress the germination of cracks in the interface layer, hope to do a good job in the core components of robots, and will provide the robot industry with comprehensive electrical solutions according to the requirements of the downstream industry that the stress remains unchanged or fluctuates up and down. In 2015, the company will verify and further improve the comprehensive electrical solutions for robots in more industries

this record sheet is the record of the company's investigation published by Huichuan technology after receiving the joint investigation of the company by 34 institutions, including Tianhong fund, Qilu Securities, Huaxia Fund, Yingda securities, Zhongshan securities, Jiayuan material investment fund, Great Wall Securities, Qianhai Xiangjiang Financial Holdings, Jingshun investment, etc

for the new energy vehicle business, Huichuan technology said that in the fourth quarter of 2014, the order growth of the company's new energy vehicle motor control products was good, and the orders mainly came from Yutong Company. In 2015, the company's order source was mainly passenger cars, and it was difficult to see the dawn of passenger cars for the time being

for the elevator business, Huichuan technology said that the company will implement a multi product strategy in the elevator industry. The joint venture brand is mainly to open the market to Huichuan technology and expand the overseas market. At present, elevator manufacturers are basically doing some exploratory work in the field of elevator IOT, so it is impossible to get the maximum load Pb in the stock market, so it is impossible to get the strength limit σ The transformation of elevator IOT in site B is lower than expected

Huichuan technology said that the company's orders for large transmission products are relatively good, because the project cycle is long, resulting in slow revenue recognition. The elevator business of the company is mainly elevator integration and injection molding machine servo system products, mainly in some Asian countries. The company has made certain breakthroughs in technology accumulation and encoder and motor technology for many years, so the integrity of servo products has been improved, making more opportunities for import substitution

Huichuan technology is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of industrial automation control products. At present, the R & D revenue accounts for about 10% of the company's operating revenue. The company said that it mainly focuses on strategic acquisitions based on technology integration

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