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The use and practical development of appropriate packaging of corrugated boxes (IV)

VI. new ideas for dealing with excessive packaging

(I) packaging reduction and industry self-discipline

the annual emission of packaging waste in China has accounted for 1/3 of urban solid waste in weight, and more than 1/2 in volume, and the emission is increasing at an alarming rate of 10% per year

although some plastic containers are replaced by paper packaging, the waste generated by packaging is still a problem that cannot be ignored. If calculated by weight, they account for 20% - 30% of the total waste; If calculated by volume, it accounts for 50% - 60% of the total waste

among the 660 cities in China, 220 are surrounded by all kinds of garbage. Experts believe that one of the reasons is excessive packaging. In order to solve the current problem of excessive packaging, the revised draft of the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste at the 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress stipulates that enterprises that produce, sell and import products and packaging materials listed in the catalogue must recycle and dispose of them in accordance with regulations, and may also entrust relevant units to recycle or dispose of them

industry self-discipline is an indispensable link to curb excessive packaging. The role of any system can only be brought into full play when people consciously abide by it

not long ago, the Shanghai Economic Commission put forward the packaging lightweight requirements according to the second round of three-year action plan for environmental remediation, which has formed the Interim Measures on appropriate packaging, the investigation on appropriate packaging and packaging reduction, and the formulation instructions of relevant regulations. Shanghai outsourcing Association once organized a special discussion on key industries and experts. Although the opinions of all parties are different, there are some more concentrated opinions and suggestions, which can be summarized as follows:

under a general regulation with direction, guidance and more principles, select key industries with strong product specificity to pilot, and formulate specific regulations that reflect both commonness and individuality for easy implementation

"Regulations" should fully reflect the principle requirements of packaging reduction, environmental protection and consumer protection

"Regulations" can be set for product packaging: hardcover, paperback and different limits, payment, packaging cost and other contents and measures. Foreign experience can be referred to, but it should be combined with the actual situation of China's national conditions and social life

(II) the proposition of green packaging

the "3r1d" principle of green packaging has been widely recognized worldwide. The so-called "3r1d" principle refers to: reduction of packaging materials, reuse of packaging materials, recyclability of packaging materials and degradable packaging waste. The connotation of the "3r1d" principle is far from just requiring appropriate packaging, but further requiring packaging to save resources to the maximum extent, form waste in the minimum amount and pollute the environment to the minimum. China's packaging culture is obviously lagging behind, and it is still at the stage of industrialization in pursuit of beauty, and the green packaging culture has yet to be gradually established

in essence, green packaging refers to the packaging that saves resources and energy during product design and production, at least turns the upper collet handle to grasp the upper end of the wire rod, is easy to recycle after consumption or can decompose and return to nature by itself, and has no damage to the ecological environment. Compared with other materials, the meaning of green packaging includes environmental protection and resource regeneration, which are two issues related to human survival and development. Countries around the world are striving to meet the above requirements from two aspects: developing new harmless packaging materials and improving the recycling and treatment technology of packaging waste. Although there are many difficulties in the development of green packaging, people have a strong desire for green packaging. It is predicted that green packaging will account for more than 50% of the total sales of packaging by the beginning of this century. This is not only the technological revolution of the packaging industry, but also the inevitable trend of the development of the packaging industry

(III) restrict excessive packaging into the circular economy

for many years, many knowledgeable people have called for packaging legislation without continuous innovation. According to relevant reports, China will vigorously develop the circular economy. Ma Kai, director of the national development and Reform Commission, pointed out that the traditional growth mode of "mass production, mass consumption and mass abandonment" must be fundamentally changed. Resist excessive packaging and waste, and vigorously promote green consumption. With the smallest possible resource consumption and environmental costs, we can obtain the greatest possible economic and social benefits, so as to promote the mutual harmony of the material cycle process and promote the sustainable use of resources. China has asked all regions to bring the restriction of excessive packaging into the legislation and implementation of circular economy laws and regulations within a few years, and we applaud it

when will over packaging stop. Guiyang has legislated to restrict excessive packaging, and has written "enterprises should reduce the excessive use of packaging materials and the production of packaging waste" into the urban circular economy regulations, which have been implemented since November 1 last year

source: China Packaging

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