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Application and promotion of intelligent parking lot guidance system

from the concept of IOT to the development of automation related to IOT, the main purpose is to realize the application of IOT. Li Yi, director of Bonner marketing department, pointed out that IOT is a macro concept, which can be divided into three types of applications on the whole: first, industrial production automation. IOT has been partially successfully applied abroad in industrial production automation. With the transformation of domestic manufacturing industry, the cost of production and manufacturing continues to rise, and the demand for industrial automation will continue to rise. IOT has become an inevitable trend of development; The second is the network management of the civil layer, such as the parking lot and transportation of public management; Third, special network management, such as military and intelligence in professional fields

in large public parking lots, due to the relatively large space of the parking lot, the time required for car owners to return and return is relatively long, and the unreasonable distribution of environment, indication signs, guidance signs and other reasons, it is difficult to identify the direction, and it is easy to get lost in the parking lot and find their own vehicles

as an important part of urban its, parking guidance system is an information system. Its various components and functions are centered on the application of traffic information. Therefore, real-time, comprehensive and accurate traffic information is the key to the realization of urban traffic intelligence

intelligent parking lot guidance system - quickly find free parking spaces in the parking lot

intelligent parking lot guidance system is a new product in the field of parking management. It solves the problem of how to guide drivers to quickly find parking spaces in large indoor parking lots or multi-storey parking lots. When the driver enters the parking lot, the guidance system will guide the driver to find a free parking space along the shortest route. Greatly improve the utilization rate of parking spaces, install metal bolts and anchor clamps, and improve the service level of parking lots

the system is mainly composed of management system software, ultrasonic parking space detector, led parking space indicator, centralized controller and led parking space guidance screen

the guidance system in the parking lot is a typical application of IOT technology. It collects the parking space occupation information through the sensor equipment deployed in each parking space in the parking lot, and transmits the occupation information of each parking space to the management software platform for processing through wired or wireless networks. The management software platform releases the parking space occupation information to each LED parking space guidance screen of the parking lot through data verification and distribution of a certain market share distribution strategy, The guidance system will guide the driver to find a free parking space along the shortest route

1. The comprehensive perception parking space acquisition equipment is the source of parking space occupation information of the whole system. Ultrasonic detectors are installed in each parking space to achieve accurate collection of parking space information, and the system can accurately control the occupancy of each parking space in real time

2. Intelligent processing - system management software is responsible for collecting parking space information and sending empty parking spaces to parking space publishing equipment after statistical processing. At the same time, it provides electronic map monitoring, zoning management, statistical reports, registration and configuration of system related equipment and other operations

3. The reliable transmission directly provides services to drivers is the parking space publishing subsystem, that is, parking space display and parking space indicator. For the special parking lot with a sales volume of 50.6 billion yuan in the first half of the year, after the driver tightens the motor fixing screws to the entrance of the parking lot, he will provide the owner with empty parking spaces in each division of the area at the entrance, so that the driver can understand the distribution of empty parking spaces in the parking lot so as to choose empty parking spaces

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