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Huichuan technology attended the 16th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition, which lasted for 4 days and ended successfully on June 13. Huichuan technology, with the theme of expert technology and innovative textile technology, made a wonderful appearance in the 16th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition. In addition to bringing general automation products to the exhibition, Huichuan technology also focused on the introduction of high-performance modular air-jet loom electronic control system, rapier loom electronic control system, loom special electronic let off and take-up servo control system, warp knitting machine special electronic let off and take-up servo system, comber special integrated controller and other special machine products in the textile industry, which attracted the high attention of the audience

at the exhibition, Huichuan technology showed general automation products such as HMI, PLC, servo, frequency converter, etc. the perfect comprehensive automation product system can provide customers with a variety of professional and personalized solutions

at the same time, the two integrated electronic control systems of Huichuan technology have attracted the attention of many people in the industry. One is the electric control system of irc100 modular high-speed rapier loom. Irc100 modular high-speed rapier loom yinbang metal composite Co., Ltd. will bring a new solution of brazed aluminum alloy composite materials with high strength, corrosion resistance and heat dissipation. The control system is an integrated solution of high-speed rapier loom independently developed and produced by Huichuan technology, which is suitable for mainstream rapier looms at home and abroad. The system adopts modularization "New materials are the key factor in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Distributed design supports customization needs such as electronic let off, electronic coiling, electronic jacquard, electronic dobby, electronic color selection, electronic hemming, electronic scissors, etc. the other is iac100 modular high-speed air-jet loom electronic control system, which is a high-end air-jet loom integrated solution independently developed and produced by Huichuan technology, and is applicable to China Mainstream air-jet looms at home and abroad. The system adopts modular and distributed design, and supports customization requirements such as electronic let off, electronic take-up, electronic jacquard, electronic dobby, etc. The two products jointly demonstrate the deep understanding of Huichuan technology on the needs of textile users and the concept of taking technological innovation in the textile industry as the core

Huichuan technology textile electric control system was crowded in front of

professional visitors had in-depth exchanges with on-site technicians

the textile special machine products participating in this exhibition were developed by Hangzhou Huikun Control Technology Co., Ltd., which is a holding subsidiary of Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd. and also serves as the textile special machine product line under the Huichuan technology management platform. Hangzhou Huikun relies on the strong technical strength of its parent company, combined with the research results of textile machinery technology of the Institute of mechanical design of Zhejiang University for many years, and has an expert team who has worked in the textile field for more than 10 years and is familiar with textile machinery technology, and is committed to becoming the most professional supplier of automation products and system solutions in the textile field. At present, Huikun has developed a number of innovative special integrated control systems and special servo products for the core process needs in the fields of weaving, winding and twisting, spinning and so on

Huichuan technology has real-time control over the experimental process of tensile testing machine. It participated in the professional exhibition of the textile industry for the first time. Through on-site display and in-depth communication, the concept of continuous innovation of Huichuan slider quality: 200g (standard) technology has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, laying a good foundation for Huichuan technology to improve the popularity of the industry and expand the textile field

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