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Huiding technology once again sued siliwei for infringing three new patents, claiming 150million

following this September, huiding technology sued Shanghai siliwei Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "siliwei") and Shenzhen Dingxin infinite Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dingxin") for infringing two invention patents and a utility model patent related to fingerprint recognition, Huiding technology once again took siliwei to court for infringing its other three patents

huiding technology once again sued siliwei for infringement of three new patents, claiming 150million

according to the information on the litigation service platform of the Shenzhen court, recently, the litigation request with the file number of (2018) Yue 03 min Chu No. 4049 has been received. The plaintiff is huiding technology, and the defendant is siliwei and other three enterprises

the three patents involved in huiding technology's prosecution of siliwei's infringement are 1 patent for off-screen biometric device, biometric component and terminal equipment, and 2 patents for off-screen biometric device and electronic equipment. The specific patents are applied to off-screen optical fingerprint products

huiding technology will request the court to order three enterprises including siliwei to immediately stop the production and sales of optical products, and propose a compensation of 150million yuan and the destruction of inventory

for the lawsuit of huiding technology, siliwei responded that it had known the information of the lawsuit, but was "greatly shocked" by the lawsuit. Siliwei explained that the utility model patent alleged by huiding technology was the design product that siliwei had started proofing in May, while the patent application time of huiding technology was in July. He also said that there was reason to doubt the source of huiding technology's patent technology points

the information from the State Intellectual Property Office shows that the patent application date is July 6, 2018. The applicant is huiding technology, and the patent application number is 2, The specific summary is: "An off screen biometric recognition device and electronic equipment are provided. The off screen biometric recognition device includes: a lens, which is arranged below the display screen, and is used to receive the optical signal formed by the reflection of human fingers from the top of the display screen, wherein the optical signal is used to detect the biometric information of the fingers; a lens barrel, which is fixed in the lens barrel; a bracket, which is passed between the bracket and the lens barrel The bracket is used to support the lens barrel. The off screen biometric recognition device and electronic equipment provided by the embodiment of the application can improve the efficiency of off screen biometric recognition. "

siliwei also said that from the perspective of industrial chain, the patent sued by huiding technology involves the whole off-screen fingerprint module. Theoretically, this module involves downstream module manufacturers, but in fact, due to the close cooperation between IC manufacturers and module manufacturers, the two sides will adopt a joint design mode. Therefore, Sili micro has not applied for patents on related technologies, and this scheme is also a standard design scheme in the field of CIS (image sensor), which is only changed to the scene of off-screen fingerprint application

it is worth mentioning that in September this year, huiding technology has sued siliwei and Dingxin infinite in Shenzhen intermediate people's Court of Guangdong Province for infringement of two invention patents and one utility model patent related to fingerprint recognition, claiming 210million yuan (70million yuan each)

subsequently, siliwei also made a clear response to this: "the three patents involved in the lawsuit belong to information processing circuit design, packaging and terminal system implementation, and are all very common technologies in the industry. Before the date of the application of these three patents, the relevant technologies have existed in a number of public documents and applied to a variety of public products." Siliwei believes that the three patents do not meet the requirements of creativity and novelty, and plans to declare their application invalid after learning from Ningbo Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and other departments

in addition, Sili micro also has next year's improvements in life, reliability and performance. Its products are all based on self-developed technologies; The relevant technology used in manufacturing the capacitive fingerprint products involved in the lawsuit has been public and well-known information, and has not infringed any patents or proprietary technology

the main reason for the intensified competition of off screen fingerprints is

it can be seen that compared with the previous patent litigation, the focus of huiding technology's prosecution of siliwei's patent infringement is on off screen fingerprints. At present, huiding technology and siliwei are the only two domestic manufacturers that can mass produce off screen optical fingerprints, and the relationship between the two sides is a direct competitor

and the two sides also made a deal when competing for oppo orders

in the first half of this year, oppo R17 series new machines originally planned to use the off screen fingerprint of huiding technology, but on June 4 this year, huiding technology delayed the batch supply time promised to oppo by 3 months in order to ensure the priority of other customers, "resulting in the inability of oppo projects"

so on September 3 this year, oppo issued a notice letter to the supply chain, announcing its decision to include huiding technology in the supplier's forbidden list for a period of five years. Oppo has the confidence to block huiding technology because it has other off-screen optical fingerprint suppliers

on August 23 this year, oppo released its first new off screen fingerprint machine, oppo R17 series. The off screen fingerprint chip of this new machine is exclusively supplied by siliwei. The module suppliers are Xinli and oufeiguang, and the module price is said to be only $8-9

for huiding technology, oppo, which was originally won, was disrupted by siliwei, which is naturally very uncomfortable. Oppo also blocked huiding technology's annual output of 300000 tons because of siliwei's off screen fingerprint supply, which made huiding technology even more depressed. At the same time, due to the relatively low price of Sili micro screen optical fingerprint module, huiding technology is also forced to face greater pressure on the module price in the market

in addition, not long ago, siliwei also announced that its research and development of under screen ultrasonic fingerprint recognition has made a breakthrough, and it is expected to reach the level of mass production in early 2019

therefore, it is natural for huiding technology to choose the way of patent war to restrict siliwei

after two consecutive lawsuits, almost all existing fingerprint recognition products under siliwei are in the midst of patent litigation. This is probably not good news for Zhaoyi innovation, which is planning to acquire siliwei

on October 31, the acquisition plan of Zhaoyi innovation for siliwei was reviewed and approved by the CSRC. By the end of 2017, the evaluation value of 100% equity of siliwei was about 1.74 billion yuan. Zhaoyi innovation will pay the consideration of 1.445 billion yuan by issuing shares and 255 million yuan in cash. For this acquisition plan, siliwei made a performance commitment of 321 million yuan over three years. Now, in the case that siliwei's main products are involved in patent litigation, the task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process of implementing the plastic granulator with its performance commitment is particularly urgent, and the current prospect seems not optimistic

in addition, it is worth mentioning that after huiding technology was blocked by oppo, huiding Technology issued a statement to apologize. In the face of huiding technology's apology, oppo also responded and expressed understanding, but it did not announce the lifting of the "ban" on huiding technology at that time. However, at the huiding Technology Conference on October 31, chenhengzhen, the financial director of huiding technology, said that huiding technology had resumed cooperation with oppo and had now delivered off-screen fingerprint products to oppo in batches

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