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Huizhou coastal economic belt (2020)

the development plan of Huizhou coastal economic belt (year) has a large layout for the petrochemical industry

June 15, 2020

the highly concerned comprehensive development plan of Huizhou coastal economic belt (2020-2035) has been officially reviewed and implemented by the municipal government, plans and constructs the coastal economic belt as a whole, and builds a world-class petrochemical industry base and an energy science and technology innovation center in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area. Combined with natural attributes, spatial attributes, industrial foundation and development direction, gradually build a general pattern of marine development with "one corridor, one belt, three axes and four clusters"

the petrochemical industry is one of the two pillar industries in Huizhou. In recent years, it is proposed to build a trillion level industrial cluster coating. The development of Huizhou's coastal industry is inseparable from the planning of petrochemical industry and the layout of computer high-speed sampling. Among them, the petrochemical industry has been planned and laid out in the medium and long term. The specific contents are as follows:

expand and strengthen the petrochemical industry

accelerate the construction of ExxonMobil Huizhou ethylene project, Huizhou Petrochemical phase III refining and chemical integration project, and plan to build a 10million ton/year refining and chemical integration project in the long term. Strive to form an industrial scale with an annual output of 32 million tons of oil refining, 6.1 million tons of ethylene and 3.1 million tons of aromatics by 2028, and preliminarily build a world-class green petrochemical industry cluster; By 2035, an industrial scale with an annual output of 42million tons of oil refining, 7.6 million tons of ethylene and 3.1 million tons of aromatics will be formed, and a world-class green petrochemical industry base will be built

key projects in petrochemical industry

CNOOC and shell smpo/pod project. Six new production units will be built, including 750000 T/a ethylbenzene, 630000 T/a styrene, 300000 t/a propylene oxide, 100000 t/a polymer polyether and 2 250000 T/a polyether polyol units. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2020

CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. product structure optimization and quality upgrading project. Including the new 1.6 million ton/year hydrocracking unit, 1.5 million ton/year aromatics combined unit, 1.3 million ton/year continuous reforming unit and other production units. The total investment of the project is about 6.54 billion yuan, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2022

Huizhou Petrochemical phase III refining and chemical integration project. The total investment of the project is about 60.8 billion yuan, including chemical industry and oil refining. Among them, the chemical part takes 1.5 million T/a ethylene cracking unit as the core, with a total of 14 chemical units; Based on the integration and optimization of phase I and phase II oil refining, the oil refining part will be transformed and moderately expanded with an annual oil refining capacity of 10000 tons, and 11 new units will be built

ExxonMobil Huizhou ethylene project. The total investment of the project is about 10billion US dollars, which is constructed in two phases. The investment of the first phase project is about 34.2 billion yuan, and the hydraulic technology developed very fast from the 12th to the 1990s. The unit for directly cracking 10000 tons of ethylene/year crude oil to produce olefins, 1.2 million tons/year high-performance polyethylene unit, 850000 tons/year high-performance polypropylene unit and related supporting facilities for by-products and storage and transportation utilities are built

long term planning projects. It is planned to build a refining and chemical integration project of 10million tons/year oil refining and 1.2 million tons/year ethylene, with the fundamental goal of improving quality and efficiency and improving the overall development quality of the park, with chemical industry as the core, oil refining and chemical products are supplied to each other, and the production of refined oil is minimized. Or build two 1.2 million ton/year ethane cracking units and two 600000 ton/year propane dehydrogenation units to produce ethylene and propylene

do deep and fine petrochemical new material industry

according to the general idea of "overall planning, step-by-step implementation, key development and reasonable layout", relying on the existing oil refining and ethylene foundation, extend the product chain to the downstream and build a series of high-end chemical new material projects. It plans to build Huidong new material industrial park, vigorously develop the downstream industries of stone fossils such as new chemical materials and high-end chemicals, and refine and deepen the feldspathic industrial chain. By 2035, the output value of new chemical materials and high-end chemicals will reach 200billion yuan

key development direction of new chemical materials and high-end chemicals

high performance synthetic materials. High end polyolefins, engineering plastics, which cannot be achieved by domestic enterprises, high-performance synthetic rubber, 3D printing plastic materials, polyurethane, kinetic energy film, etc

high end chemicals. Coatings, chemical additives, water treatment agents, electronic chemicals, adhesives, special chemicals, feed additives, food additives, bio based chemicals, etc

high performance fiber. Aramid fiber, carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, polyphenylene sulfide fiber, polyimide fiber, poly (p-phenylene benzoxazole) fiber (PBO), silicon carbide fiber, continuous basalt fiber, etc

improve the petrochemical industry service supporting facilities

benchmark the world-class Petrochemical Park, improve the infrastructure of Daya Bay petrochemical zone, and comprehensively upgrade and transform road traffic, wharf and waterway, security communication, emergency rescue and other facilities

promote the expansion and quality improvement of warehousing and logistics facilities

do a solid job in land reclamation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and create space for industrial development

actively build a public service support platform for innovation and financing, vigorously introduce technology leading talents and innovation teams, and plan to build an international petrochemical technology R & D center

accelerate the planning and construction of Huidong Baihua new material Park, strengthen the investment attraction and investment selection of the industrial chain, and build and improve supporting facilities such as dedicated channels, flood drainage and sewage pipe corridors

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