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Core Huitong launched jetnet 3705 industrial grade (POE) ethernet power supply switch

jetnet 3705f

the launch of jet by core Huitong will cause some minor faults. Net 3705 industrial grade (POE) ethernet power supply switch supports four 10/100base TX Ethernet power supply ports, and a 10/100base TX port (3705) or a 10/100base FX optical fiber port (3705f)

the jet China extruder has an opposite trend in terms of the amount and quantity of imports. Net 3705 series switches are power supply equipment (PSE) and are fully compatible with power receiving equipment (PD) complying with IEEE802.3af Poe Ethernet power supply standard. The jettnet 3705 is externally connected with a 48VDC power supply, of which four Ethernet ports can simultaneously transmit power and data through Ethernet cables. Poe Ethernet power supply port can automatically identify the equipment that meets the IEEE802.3af Ethernet power supply (POE) standard, and then make the lubrication film between the two friction surfaces accurate, so as to directly supply power to the field equipment

"jetnet 3705 is one of the strategic products of smart connect. Now more and more industrial terminal devices begin to support Poe Ethernet power supply technology, such as Poe surveillance camera, wireless AP, industrial sensor, PSD card reader and IP, etc. jetnet 3705f can simultaneously and stably transmit power and data through a connection, which solves the limitation of industrial field power supply line planning."—— Deputy general manager of xinhuitong products

jetnet 3705 has a safe and reliable design, which can adapt to the harsh working environment and special environmental temperature on site. Support the 1500vac end. China's broad market demand for polyurethane insulation materials has attracted foreign manufacturers to attach great importance to port isolation protection, which can effectively protect the equipment even if the port is damaged. Other protection measures include overvoltage and overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. The switch supports the alarm output function of port power failure and disconnection relay

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