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Huitianluo chooses Youli to provide it support for its Beijing cloud data center

ctiforum news on April 15 (Li Wenjie): Youli company (nyse:uis) recently announced that huitianluo technology company (hereinafter referred to as huitianluo) has designated Youli to provide data center planning, design, implementation and management services for huitianluo in its new cloud data center in Beijing. The data center aims to help huitianluo meet the growing business needs in China

huitianluo, a subsidiary of Beijing meirongjia investment company, is also a new customer of Youli, specializing in projects in the real estate and construction fields. The Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) of China has issued an Internet Data Center (IDC) license to huitianluo, allowing it to provide data center network services in China. The data center established in Beijing will be the first data center of huitianluo

according to the terms of the five-year contract, Unilever will lead the end-to-end design and consulting activities of the new data center and provide the following services:

data center layout, physical security and power/cooling system

system infrastructure, including server, connection, storage and security

applications, infrastructure mapping and dependencies

service management consulting and deployment, and service integration and management (SIAM)

on site support services

assist the data center to meet some industry certification standards

Ms. Yang, President of huitianluo, said: the reason why we chose Youli is that the company not only has rich global technical expertise, but also can provide local IT services to support our entry into China's data center market

Tony winder, vice president and general manager of the solution Department of high-performance fiber material technology system established by Unilever Asia Pacific enterprises, said: we have rich experience in global data centers and mature frameworks, and will ensure that the construction of this important project will be completed on time for huitianluo. For Unilever, China is still an important market, and we are happy to add huitianluo to the growing list of Chinese customers

since 1981, Unilever has been doing business in China. Now it provides IT solutions for large enterprises and supports their key business processes, including annealing plastic parts for AVIC and AVIC China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines provide airline, airport and cargo solutions, provide call center solutions for Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance Co., Ltd., and work together with 21vianet to create our own talent for Fei Tian | & nbsp; Biodegradable materials PHA and other Chinese enterprises provide locally hosted cloud service management solutions. In addition, the Unilever China Global Procurement Center in Shanghai provides Unilever customers around the world with software development, it services, business process outsourcing services, technical advisory desk services, as well as technical support and maintenance services

about Unilever

Unilever is a global information technology company. We work with many large companies and government agencies around the world to solve their imminent it and business challenges. Unilever focuses on providing comprehensive and leading solutions for customers in government, financial services and commercial markets. Our products include cloud and infrastructure services, application services, security solutions, and high-end server technology. With more than 20000 employees, Unilever provides services to customers all over the world

introduction to Unilever Asia Pacific Business

in the Asia Pacific region, Unilever provides services and solutions through a wide range of branches in developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan, China, where the proportion of automotive modified plastics is between 10% and 15%, as well as dealers or distributors in other countries in the region

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