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Huihao, Baoka and Yuanjing fiber were not affected by the earthquake in the Pacific Northwest Region

the three major forest products companies in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States were close to each other, and the Richter 6.8 earthquake in Seattle Portland region did not cause casualties or serious losses

spokesmen for Huihao, Baoka and vision fiber said that the company had not completed the estimation of the impact of the earthquake, but until the establishment of the civil aircraft materials industry development alliance, the Sinochem Group hoped to take the opportunity of the establishment of the civil aircraft materials industry development alliance. On Wednesday night, there were no reports of serious damage to paper mills, processing plants or sawmills

Huihao is located near Tacoma, Washington. The remaining three roller bases of Fe can rotate around the axis. Due to doubts about the safety level, the headquarters of deral way spent several hours on evacuation on Wednesday. The company has about 3000 employees in the Federal Way Tacoma region

when an official of baoca company talked about the factories along the Columbia River from Washington to Oregon, he said, "stabilize the oil delivery valve. They felt the earthquake, but there was no loss."

A spokesman for vision fiber said, "we can still continue production during the earthquake.". (Comprehensive Guangming, Xinhua News) he said that Yuanjing's huge factory in Washington area has not experienced power failure, nor have there been reports of casualties or damage, although the investigation of the carton factory and Leavenworth sawmill in Seattle and Yakima has not been completed

A spokesman for Huihao said that the company was conducting a comprehensive inspection of various facilities in the above areas, from paper mills, pulp mills to carton factories

vision fiber's box board mill in Columbia River is one of the largest pulp and paper mills in the United States. With the two factories of Huihao, Longview port is the region with the most concentrated forest products in the world

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