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Application and popularization of laser engraving plate making technology (III)

"At present, Zhongbao paper products company is well-known in the IT industry, and Yueming laser engraving machine is indispensable."

Dongguan is a world factory and a famous international manufacturing city, and the demand for carton packaging market is huge. However, carton packaging factories are blooming everywhere, and the quality and potential of the carton packaging industry are important. Although the price competition is very fierce, many poorly managed factories declare bankruptcy every year. The survival environment of the carton packaging industry is very severe. Dongguan Zhongbao paper products Co., Ltd Bao paper products Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise. When starting its business, several shareholders worked together, focusing on management inside and running outside the market. After a year of hard work, it just solved the problem of temporary stability and food and clothing in the weak scrap steel market on the 24th

however, development is the last word. If the enterprise cannot move forward in time, it means to retreat. So the company began to adjust its thinking and made efforts to improve the technical content of carton production, ensure quality and expand the market. At that time, the company found a major customer in the United States. The cartons originally used by this American company were made in South Korea, and the quality was good. Therefore, this customer is consistent and has strict requirements on the quality of products. In this situation, Dongguan Zhongbao has some difficulties in ensuring the high quality and large-area printing of cartons

the reality is that printing a set of plates with resin plate costs several dry yuan. Originally, the profit of cartons is thin. If you are careless, you may be busy. The quality of the rubber version carved by hand is difficult to meet the requirements. In desperation, the company inadvertently saw the promotional materials of Yueming laser engraving machine. After several investigations and demonstrations, the company decided to buy one

I didn't expect that after using laser engraving plate proofing, the quality of the cartons produced by the company significantly exceeded that of Korean cartons, and passed the quality requirements of this American company at one time. Among the more than ten carton manufacturers that participated in the bidding, Dongguan Zhongbao company stood out and has become a carton supplier of American companies since then. The real name of the company is due to the reputation of major customers. As long as the quality and delivery time can be guaranteed, the other party's payment is very punctual. Although the profit of cartons is thin, Zhongbao has orders all year round, which has become a new production growth point of the company

according to Tang Ren of Zhongbao company, Yueming laser engraving machine is a good helper for carton packaging production because of its advantages of good quality, high efficiency and low cost. It ensures the carton printing quality, high efficiency and low cost, effectively adapts to the market competition, and enables the user manufacturers to be invincible in the competition. At present, Dongguan Zhongbao paper products company is well-known in the industry, and Yueming laser engraving machine is indispensable. Yueming laser engraving machine, which was purchased with an investment of more than 40000 yuan, is really trying to transfer data between the two software packages for good value for money

to sum up, the advantages of Yueming laser engraving machine mainly include the following four points:

■ laser engraving machine eliminates errors in engraving. Because there will inevitably be errors in manual Engraving - although the manuscript is good when the specimen is compressed axially under pressure, a knife error in manual engraving will lead to the scrapping of the whole layout, and similar situations occur from time to time. Laser engraving is to use software to output the original for automatic engraving, and there is no engraving error

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