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Xinsong robot (Suzhou) future science and technology city project settled in Xiangcheng

after many discussions between the people's Government of Xiangcheng District of Suzhou and Shenyang Xinsong robot Co., Ltd., the two sides decided to build Xinsong robot (Suzhou) future science and Technology City Project in Xiangcheng District, committed to achieving the agglomeration development effect of industries related to machinery and people. On the afternoon of August 16, the cooperation signing ceremony of the project was held in the conference center of Xiangcheng District

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intelligent manufacturing has become the core content of the new round of global industrial revolution. Countries around the world have accelerated planning and layout, and actively participated in the global industrial re division. Shenyang Xinsong robot Co., Ltd., subordinate to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a leading enterprise in China's domestic robot industry and a high-end manufacturing industry group with the most complete robot product line in the world. With robotics and automation technology as the core, Xinsong company is committed to digital high-end equipment manufacturing, and has formed a complete industrial chain integrating unique technology, core components, leading products and industry system solutions

as a leading enterprise in China's robot industry, Xinsong has achieved the first listing in the industry, the first to obtain the first-class qualification for computer information system integration and service, the first batch of 91 innovative enterprises in China, the chairman unit of China robot industry alliance, and the overall standardization of Chinese robot 4: the leader unit of the abnormal hammering back group, the top 10 core leading enterprise of China's robots, and the most innovative enterprise in China, Top ten brand enterprises in China. At present, the total market value of the company ranks among the top three in the same industry in the world, and the growth robot industry ranks first in the world

nowadays, Xinsong company is making great efforts to develop robot core technology, core components and core products under such circumstances, to build industrial 4.0 solutions and digital chemical plants. At the same time, it is also making every effort to build a robot technology city integrating talents and industries

the Xinsong robot (Suzhou) future technology city project signed and settled in Xiangcheng will adhere to the spirit of ingenuity, adhere to the concept of integrated development of production, life and ecology, creatively combine the robot industry, financial industry, cultural industry, tourism industry and life supporting functions, and create a five in one robot characteristic technology city

at the ceremony, Xinsong robot signed a contract with Suzhou high speed rail new city to jointly establish Suzhou Xinsong robot industry development Co., Ltd. (tentative name) to protect it immediately in case of abnormal conditions. The two sides will also jointly initiate the establishment of an industrial fund, give full play to their respective advantages, and actively promote the construction of a national collaborative innovation center with one platform and four bases as the main content

the successful signing of the project cooperation agreement marks a substantial and key step in the development of intelligent manufacturing industry in Xiangcheng District. This is an important measure for Xiangcheng District to implement the "made in China 2025 Suzhou Implementation Outline" and build a core in the north of Suzhou with one core and four cities. It is equipped with two dedicated fpl14 mixers, which is a breakthrough and milestone event in the transformation and development of local industries

at present, Xiangcheng is aiming to build the new high-speed rail city into a new highland for local future industrial development and a commanding height for Suzhou's new economic development. The settlement and development of Xinsong robot, which has both strength and innovation ability, and the signing of a large-scale and high-content project such as the future science and Technology City, can accelerate the upgrading of enterprises in Suzhou and even Jiangsu Province from the industrial 2.0 era to the 4.0 era, provide strong support for the machine replacement strategy in Jiangsu Province, form a world-class intelligent manufacturing innovation and production cluster, and become a new economic growth engine in Suzhou, It will also set an example for the innovative development of Jiangsu Province and even the whole country. (manuscript provided by Xiangcheng District Center)

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