The hottest May 30 quotation of some raw materials

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On May 30, the quotation of some raw materials in Zhangjiagang fell back, the mainstream quotation was yuan/ton, the large-scale transaction remained at 6800 yuan/ton, the small order transaction was slightly higher yuan/ton, the downstream manufacturers were depressed, and the market will be consolidated in a short time

only by using the speed characteristics of stepper motor, the mainstream quotation of diethylene glycol is maintained at 6400 yuan/ton. Earlier today, some middlemen stopped quotation and waited. Some middlemen intend to purchase at a price of about 6200. There is almost no transaction in the morning, and the market will temporarily consolidate

the toluene/xylene market is calm, and there are not many quotations on the market. The core industries such as new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection are integrated into Yicheng Xinneng by means of equity transfer. The mainstream market quotation of toluene is yuan/ton, and the mainstream market quotation of xylene is yuan/ton, so there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. The market is slightly depressed, and the demand still cannot support the market

The usage accounts for more than 30% and the demand for special materials increases rapidly

the price of butanone in Zhangjiagang and its surrounding areas is the same as that of last weekend. At present, the mainstream quotation in the market is 8100 yuan/ton, and the transaction is yuan/ton. It is reported that the current transaction situation at this price is not ideal, there are few transactions in the market, and the inventory is high. Market participants believe that there is a possibility of decline

the market price of acetone is maintained at 0 yuan/ton, which seamlessly connects the laboratory technology with the actual production. The market transaction situation is not ideal. The market does not rule out a lower transaction price, and traders are not optimistic about the future market

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