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On May 26, 2009, China Plastics information HDPE market brief

China Plastics price index rose 3.26 points to 910.63 points, and China Plastics spot index fell 2.37 points to 977.80 points

I. upstream developments:

the floor trading of the New York Mercantile Exchange was closed for the US memorial day. The settlement price of July Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange fell by $0.57 to $60.21/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

PetroChina South China HDPE has a small inventory and is now priced for sale. 2200j Daqing reported 9800 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan. 5000S Lanzhou Petrochemical reported 11000 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan. 5000S Daqing Petrochemical reported 11000 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan

Fushun Petrochemical HDPE unit production 29112911 factory price is 10000 yuan/ton, petrochemical inventory is general, currently listed for sale

Shanghai Petrochemical low voltage unit plans to switch to mh602 today. Shanghai Petrochemical's PE inventory is general, and HDPE is priced and sold

Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE unit line a produces 5000S, line B plans to switch to 5000S today, line C produces 4902t, and LLDPE unit produces 7042. Petrochemical 2 We provide automobile original paint, automobile exhaust catalyst and other products for 1 automobile group and 1 automobile Volkswagen. The inventory is general, and now we sell them at a fixed price

Shanghai Jinfei HDPE device now produces hollow. Shanghai Jinfei PE stock is general, and now it is sold at a fixed price

III. local market conditions:

China Plastics spot Mall () HDPE is mainly stable, with only a few brands slightly adjusted downward, with a range of yuan/ton. Hdpe/5306j/Yangzi Petrochemical reported 9820 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan. Hdpe/hd5301aa/Shanghai Secco reported 10620 yuan/ton, down 130 yuan/ton. Hdpe/hd5502fa/Shanghai Secco reported 10520 yuan/ton, down 60 yuan

the PE market quotation in Yuyao has basically stabilized, and the transaction has not improved. Traders expect the market to improve in the future, and their mentality is OK. 2200j Daqing reported 9900 yuan/ton. 5000S has an obvious price advantage of 10 points, and Daqing offers 10900 yuan/ton

in the morning of Beijing PE market, merchants mostly wait for the introduction of petrochemical prices. Although the market price of Jinan experimental machine factory's low-temperature tank training grid has declined correspondingly, with a range of 100 yuan/ton, there are few transactions, and the buyers and sellers have a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. 5000S Yanshan at 10750 yuan/ton

we should take advantage of the weak transactions in the Dongfeng Nanjing PE market reported in this report, with some prices falling, and the market supply is relatively small. 10500 yuan/ton for 5000S

the price of PE market in Guangzhou fell sharply today, with a range of 100 yuan/ton. Factory inquiries increased before the festival, and it is expected that the transaction will be moderately better today. 5502 yuan/ton, tr144 yuan/ton

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