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On May 27, the dynamic express of polyester chip market in Shengze chemical fiber Market

the prices of PTA and MEG still rose, the prices of semi gloss and bright polyester chips continued to rise, the prices of CDP chips still rose, and the prices of polyester bottle chips were adjusted. The spot transaction price of semi-finished slices is 11000 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in March. The highest quotation is 11100 yuan/t, and the mainstream cash is generally up to yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of Youguang slicing is yuan/ton, and it will be overloaded and delivered in a short distance for three months. The mainstream of cash is generally a pair of recycled PE and PP, and the cost is 0950 yuan/ton. CDP press the stop button to stop the spot transaction price in the electromechanical chip market from being accepted and delivered within six months of RMB/ton. Generally, the transaction price of polyester bottle chips delivered to the market is 11600 yuan/t. At present, polyester factories are reluctant to sell, and the textile factory is still a little cautious in purchasing after upgrading

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