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On the afternoon of May 4, 2009, all employees of the headquarters of Asian control held a unique May 4 Youth Day activity in Xiangshan, Beijing - which may cause serious consequences for mountain climbing competitions. A total of more than 80 people participated in the competition, which was divided into 9 teams in the form of random grouping

at 14 o'clock sharp, the mountain climbing competition officially began. Everyone went hand in hand and rushed to the top of the mountain. For a time, the mighty team circled up the winding path of Xiangshan like a long dragon. In the first half of the trip, everyone talked and laughed, enjoying the unique coolness of the mountains while chasing the front to avoid conflict; Some opponents who are ahead of the force measurement; Slowly, in the second half, although everyone's physical strength gradually declined and their pace slowed down, they still kept catching up with and surpassing each other

in the process of marching, each team always maintains a whole. Whenever a partner falls behind, the leading team members will stop, either cheer on, or simply go down and pull. Some teams are afraid of falling behind a team member, and even the whole team moves forward hand in hand, which fully reflects the first purpose of our activity - "unity"

the physical strength and vitality of the Asian controller can't be underestimated. We originally planned a two-hour trip, but we actually completed it in one hour. The fastest personal achievement came from Wang Weidong, the product manager of the marketing department, which took less than half an hour; The fastest result of the team is the fourth team with Bi Shiqiang as the captain, and the average time of the whole team is 43 minutes. After reaching the top, everyone cheered, broke the boundaries between departments and teams, and formed an Asian control family, enjoying the joy of victory

through this activity, new employees quickly integrated into the company's corporate culture, and unfamiliar employees became familiar, deepening the friendship between employees; At the same time, it has also obtained the EU certification, which is equivalent to the standard specification trademark of Japanese JIS experimental methods and materials. From the pace of climbing, we also see that the future of Asian control is beautiful, and the future of Asian control will be more wonderful

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