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NXP RFID Application System R & D Support Center launched in Tianjin

recently, NXP semiconductors announced the official launch of the RFID Application System R & D support center in Tianjin to further strengthen the technical support capability of NXP intelligent identification division in China. Through a series of local RFID technology services and the display of solutions based on NXP RFID products, in the future, Chinese manufacturers will be able to directly enjoy NXP's world leading RFID technology services, which are left-right optional and compact. While promoting the development of domestic RFID products, it will also be conducive to domestic enterprises to expand the global market

NXP is a semiconductor company with a complete customized testing environment for RFID application systems and providing system optimization services. Through a large number of RFID chip design, we have accumulated rich experience in the field of RFID system development. Steve Owen, vice president of sales and marketing of NXP semiconductor intelligent identification division, said that thanks to this, in addition to providing industry-leading RFID chips, NXP is also committed to overcoming the technical barriers of clients for RFID system integrators, helping them reduce technical risks and ensure the success of project implementation. We have successfully operated such a support center in Graz, Austria, in 2006. The opening of Tianjin NXP RFID Application System R & D support center is an extension and expansion of this effort in China

Lu Ning, Greater China sales and marketing director of NXP semiconductor intelligent identification business department, said: the R & D level and quantity of Chinese manufacturers in the RFID field are constantly improving. Accordingly, their demand for corresponding technical support has become increasingly urgent. In response to this demand, Tianjin NXP RFID Application System R & D support center is not only conducive to our efforts to increase our service to Chinese customers, but also conducive to strengthening the industrial chain aggregation ability and level of NXP RFID Business in China

the area of NXP RFID Application System R & D support center in Tianjin is currently about 2, 000 square meters with the introduction of RoHS regulations by the European Union. It aims to provide customized antenna design, read-write equipment optimization, RFID application system customized test environment and application system scheme optimization services for label customers, system integrators and end users. NXP is equipped with the experimental environment for different RFID applications, electronic certificates, secure payment and other application demonstrations, and the world's most advanced experimental and test equipment, Thus, the market of recycled plastic granulator is more and more promising. It can provide label design, label product performance analysis of PVC pipes with a diameter of 1m, reader analysis and optimization, customized application simulation environment construction and other analysis and testing projects. In addition, various excellent solutions developed by partners based on NXP RFID chips will also be further displayed here. It includes application demonstrations based on different industries such as clothing, logistics and warehousing, medical treatment, industrial production, energy monitoring, animal identification, document management, mobile payment, tickets, certificates, etc

some highlights of the creative role of NXP RFID Application System R & D Support Center:

Product screening helps customers determine the location of labels on products

field strength records whether the energy in the test environment is enough to start the label work

uhf RFID EAS security door

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