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Packaging industry printing outlook

at present, the high-quality and colorful patterns required by the packaging industry can only be printed by ordinary printing technology. The future packaging production line must meet the needs of adaptability. 1. Regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact, stronger, cheaper and more complete. Printing according to demand has become a new research topic. This kind of printing can complete the decoration. 3. The necessary check points of the control panel of the plastic tensile testing machine are not only commercially attractive, but also very attractive in the aesthetics of printing and decoration. The research experiment is to use similar, standardized, plain color packaging containers to make the same series of products. When they pass through the high-speed filling machine, they are printed with colorful decorative patterns. A few years ago, the first time the United States put printing into practical application was to print the loaded corrugated board containers. Now this advanced technology has been applied in the process of printing labels on packaging boxes with inkjet printers. Printing technology can print brightly colored and high-quality graphics on containers that move at full speed in the packaging production line, and the decoration technology will soon be more perfect. At this stage, computer technology has been able to convert graphic design into digital images or designers design into digital images directly on the computer, and has already entered the practical stage. The combination of printing technology and computer technology will soon be widely promoted. At the same time, the application of laser decoration system in printing technology is in the planning stage. This plan was established as a research project of "industry and material technology". Its purpose is to develop new production systems and laser photographic decorations; The goal is to develop a new decorative technology with high adaptability, which can be applied to various plastic substances such as colored plastics, painted plastics and plastic containers. The specific method is to add special pigments or other additives to the surface of plastic materials, and then irradiate with light, which can selectively change the color. What is used is only an ultra fast laser with adjustable wavelength, which is controlled by software and is flexible and convenient. The task of this project is to develop lasers and finishing agents for various polymers according to customer requirements. This technology has the characteristics of fast decoration, following the market trend and so on. It also has the ability to easily mark any language on the product package through the collision of information and wisdom; It can print and decorate without wet solvent. Its most unique advantage is that it can promote and promote the reuse of decorated packaging containers. Therefore, it is a new project that meets the requirements of environmental protection. Now it is under development, research and experiment. It is believed that it can be applied to the packaging industry soon. These two advanced printing technologies will surely push the packaging industry to a new stage. (zangqimei)

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