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Analysis: market prospect of glass ceramics

glass ceramics, also known as glass ceramics, is a new multiphase material including microcrystalline phase and glass phase. It integrates the comprehensive properties of crystal materials and glass materials, and has mechanical properties of small coefficient of thermal expansion, high hardness and strong wear resistance. The design of the host of the experimental machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable and solid performance, as well as special electrical, thermal, optical, magnetic and biological properties

microcrystalline glass was first applied in the field of architecture. The development process of its process production began in the 1960s. The former Soviet Union invented the preparation of microcrystalline glass plates by calendering. In the 1980s, the Japanese invented the preparation of microcrystalline glass decorative plates by sintering. Until the mid-1990s, the technology of preparing microcrystalline glass plates by sintering was introduced into China. Japan, as the first country in Asia to develop glass ceramics, its glass ceramics are bright in color and beautiful, including basic colors such as brown red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, gray and black, which also represents the current world level of glass ceramics

based on the superior thermal conductivity of glass ceramics, it is mainly used in high-power commercial induction cooker and household induction cooker in household appliances. The core content of induction cooker is magnetic conductivity and thermal efficiency. No matter how much heat is generated by the internal coil, if there is no good conductivity, it can only be a waste of resources. As a "expert" of heat conduction, glass-ceramic panel plays a key role

with the rise of gas and prices, the increase of the cost of the catering industry, and people's understanding of cooking without open fire, the number of users of household induction cooker is also increasing. As the main part of induction cooker, microcrystalline glass plate has a broad sales prospect. It is understood that in recent years, through the development and upgrading of technology, process, design and other aspects, coupled with its clear texture and surface through the bayblend fr flame-retardant polycarbonate ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) mixture is an ideal material for battery seats and battery modules, which has attracted the attention of many merchants and designers. According to data, there were only six Microcrystalline stone manufacturers in Foshan last year, and up to 10 large-scale microcrystalline glass manufacturers with a maximum of 3.5 meters this year, and most of the microcrystalline stone manufacturers are domestic enterprises with strong strength and well-known brands. Does this indicate that the microcrystalline glass industry is gradually entering the public and thriving in our country? Of course, we are looking forward to China Shanghai PPG Industrial Company (NYSE: PPG) showing its glass fiber products and technology utilization at the China International composite exhibition held from September 3 to 5, 2014

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